Flying Probe

Multifunctional Testing System 

A4 PRECISE is an automatic flying probe tester for electronic boards pcbA, providing solutions and performances of boundary scan check and signal trace check by four test probes to access simultaneously both sides of circuit board that can be positioned in the test chamber vertically and horizontally. 

Industrial Battery Tester

TESTIT BP650/BP950 is to test, diagnose, repair high voltage (HV) battery pack internal components,

diagnose HV battery pack malfunctions,

and determine needed repairs for hybrid/electric vehicle drive systems. 

TESTIT Fault Detector is to troubleshoot Printed Circuit Board Assembly. It is a computer-based semi-automatic fault locator, an indispensable testing device used for every field concerning electronics.
It is easy and convenient to carry, featuring many useful tools, like a Swiss knife of users working with electronics!